Commerfest 2020


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What about getting a ferry into hull?
That is a very good idea, Paul. I hadn't thought about that option.

What's very annoying is that DFDS still operates a regular freight route directly from Southern Norway to Hull which is running weekly. You used to be able to stick a limited number of vehicles on this service in the past, and then basically use the crew's quarters and canteen while on the ship. But this possibility was removed following new regulations for international shipping, preventing unauthorised persons to enter the international restriction zones at the ports, as well as new regulations for the freight of goods which essentially made it illegal to mix commercial freight and limited passenger freight in this way. Such a shame.

Hook of Holland to Hull could definitely be an idea. I will look into it. That said, the drive from Harwich through Suffolk, Norfolk and Lincolnshire is the one I fear the least. The long trek on the continent is more of a concern..

But many thanks for the suggestion !


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It's a shame the ferry doesn't still run from Kristiansand to Newcastle, or Evje to Harwich. Used them both in the past, although not with a vehicle.
So true, Chris. The Kristiansand - Newcastle or Bergen/Stavanger - Newcastle routes are sorely missed.

Evje to Harwich puzzled me a bit, though. As Evje is some way inland north of Kristiansand... They've never even seen a fishing boat up there :D I gather you're thinking of the Esbjerg (Denmark) to Harwich link, which closed down about 5 years ago.


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Just seen on a 2018 google article that you can put your vehicle on a freight ferry but you can’t travel with it. You could fly over and drive back?? May be a pig to get you all from airport to port though

Gladys Crew

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We have a trip to Hungary planned in Gladys for the end of September :oops:
It is only 1372 miles each way and google maps says it will only take us 21 1/2 hours including the Euro Tunnel.
I don't think google knows we are in a Commer.
We have a van full of spares and lots of faith in Gladys, looking forward to the trip and will start a new thread.


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You’re a brave man but I guess no reason a well maintained one shouldn’t make it. I’ve found hydrolic rubbers going lately (clutch, brakes) so have replaced a few and carry Refurb kit for each I’ve left to do, v cheap and very small

Gladys Crew

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Don,t know whether I am brave or daft but it was Heidi's idea so can blame her if it all goes wrong :eek:

I will take a couple of spare cylinders and repair kits along with a boat load of other spares also got continental break down cover just in case so no worries o_O


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Hi Paul and welcome to the Madhouse :)
It'll be great to see you and Beryl the bus along with everyone else.
Why not start a thread introducing yourself and you ride:)