Commerfest 2020


Thanks for the welcome back - long time since Tatton - good fun though, we used to win lots of prizes!! See you all sometime soon (ish.) Mike


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Great to hear from you again, Mike ! Been a long time. Yes, we too are planning to attend the Commerfest next year - hopefully with our own Bluebird this time 'round. Unfortunately, we've just found out that Ebba (my wife) will be doing a tour in Canada just about that time, so it seems to be myself an the children only this time - a shame, as we've been all in for the two Commerfests in 2010 and 2015. But I'm sure we'll get it sorted somehow.

Will be great seeing you again - and everyone else.

PS: Still got your small jam glass/jar if you remember it .. :) We use it lots.

I'll leave you with a Norway photo from the train one early morning a few weeks ago - a misty morning, that is. :)