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Hi everyone.
It's been a while since last on...had one OP after another on my wrist & hand & Not touched Lilly for a yr... i've just got back into her & currently fitting a Audi TT fuel/filler cap, Pool ball gear knob & matching window winders...will post pictures when installed.
Is that a j4 next to your commer ?
Hi Tom, yes it is, its the one we talked about on the phone. The two blue J4s are in Devon now the van was full of new and old spares. not far from me 5 miles (van)30 miles( minibus) also the green 2 tone minibus is 5 miles away. that's up for sale again Gumtree) because they got the van. Iain
Hey ian just seen this comment you were talking about last nite
See you tomorrow cheers Regards Tom