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Slats look good - are you doing the same with the seats? Always good to get some air around beds - can never understand why so many campervans have solid bases for beds, as well as using table tops!


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F5A192C5-658F-4CCC-B348-4F1B4236193C.jpegsorting out a couple of issues and niggles. The brake master has packed up, seals probably died during the 2 year layup. I have a 1 inch Tilton master on order along with a servo, so I have been trying to free Up some real estate In the engine bay for the servo.
I made a new master cylinder brake pipe a month or so back, so have re routed this for the new setup And will trim and bend as necessary.
Disc brakes will be going on in the future, hence the larger master cylinder and servo.

cooling system digital display has been moved to where I can see it, I have added a couple more door seals and tweaked the door mirrors.

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Hi Nick,
I used Mercedes on my suppersnipe with no problems, and are easy to aqquire and pads are to. just had to fit sleeves over the fixing screws,


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47171FD5-2EB5-481D-87FD-21F2BE768D70.pngSorted! The servo has made a big difference. I couldn’t get the factory return spring to fir, so looked for a different solution and came up with this. Also fitted inertia seatbelts and have been fiddling with a strobe light


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A bit of an electrical gremlin? Driving home today in the van, the starter motor started turning for a couple of seconds, then when i got home and turned the ignition off it started again. I removed the wires from ignition switch but it still turned over, only stopping when I disconnected the battery. Any ideas what the heck is going on here?


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Sorted, constant 12v through pink and white wire, even when removed at solenoid and snipped off at the ignition barrel???? New wire run through and all good. I gave the ignition system a freshen up too. 82C235E5-B11A-4413-977D-5AD9F75BD1A3.jpeg


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9FB05FE1-C20A-40C4-B33B-DDC4F470443B.jpegWhat was supposed to be a winter project. Part collecting for a similar disc conversion to what Martin installed on Rosie, uprights and hubs from a super snipe.


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Looks like a lovely place to spend a few days :cool:
You did well finding the Humber set up, what are the plans for rotors and calipers?