The Snail

Having forgotten about it for about 15 years I then remembered and thought it would make a good full length roof rack for the Commer with a bit of modification. So far i’ve Made the front section by cutting the frame and letting additional poles


I used my beer gut to bend the poles to match the front of the Commer. I then cut some beech strips, gave them a few coats of yacht varnish and screwed them on with strainless screw. Attaching to the van with some period desmo mounts.

Maybe I’ll get the rear section done next year...


I know I’ve been saying for about 11 years now but spring may well be the time I start to experiment with the carbs. So I spent an evening last week building an old air fuel ratio meter kit I had lying about. I’ve also sent my stainless down pipes off to Commerracer to get a lambda boss welded on. So hopefully i’ll be able see what’s going on the mixture as I try a few things.

Hope you like the box... black abs plastic didn’t feel quite right sitting on the dash. There is still some room in there for some other gubbins


So many impressive mods on this thread, so good to re-read - more added now to my own jobs list !

First up for me is the oil seal on the timing cover - do you have any information on the seller please ?
Many thanks, a bit pricey but rather nice :)
I see they also do a lightweight pulley wheel fitted with a trigger wheel but already have Tim modifying my original with a trigger wheel (as I will be using with a 'Nodiz' management unit).
Paul, I’m guessing you need to remove the dizzy to make room for the supercharger that you can’t fit on the other side because that’s where the turbo is going to go?

A cheap option (<£3) on the crank seal is to fit something like a V seal to the pulley, you might need to machine the back of the pulley down to make enough space and the polish up the mating surface on the timing chain cover so as not to rip the seal.