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Been away two weeks in the rain and storms to the lakes and now robin hoods bay! Was holding up well but reached maximum saturation last night :) 3 leaks now plugged with a body board, tea towel and a baby wipe - advanced stuff. Alternator went bit dicky yesterday so got overnight delivery one arriving in an hour - least can fit from the inside!


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Walk from base camp to bit past Tintagel to have a pub lunch. Fortunately got within 100m before it hacked it down. Unfortunately the pub was full. Lucky meeting someone with a car so drove back and picked up pasties. Today a slightly easier walk to Boscastle for lunch and we’ve pre booked and they give good weather.


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Fried breakfast supplied by friends and I set off about 9.45am and it took about 2 hours. The rest are staying on so had to go solo and didn’t even get lost. I’m a driving god! A brilliant drive but there was quite a strong smell of petrol on way back and the brakes squeak. R2 did much better than me. I forgot the gas connector for the bbq, the only coat repelled water as well as a sheet of Bounty, assumed there was a camp shop for milk etc but not open because of the plague. If I hadn’t been rushing to build everything so late in the day I may have got my act together and packed properly. Fantastic fun though

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Another little escape to the seaside.
well - when you live on an island.. it’s not too difficult to get to the ocean.
Sun, fog, hot days and chilly nights.
Getting away when I can - most campgrounds will be closing in September. E4BD150D-62D4-4C22-8390-7CE2C8D73DE1.jpeg3C91D2D7-90BD-467F-A7DA-3DEA63A7A39A.jpeg5C3CFF9D-61B9-49FA-976F-3F2E3CED2626.jpegA25734E6-0011-473C-9A30-752FB4D0B16D.jpeg87A48F8B-AB77-4FEE-B3E9-6A22683538C3.jpegBC50F10C-6072-44AB-A996-A6DFDA76C90A.jpeg4881ABA0-B72E-4A00-8065-EEFD01119F0C.jpeg