My New Baby!!!


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I have remembered today how much I don’t enjoy woodwork!
The old bulkhead was returning back to its original state of wood chippings and glue, so needed sorting. I have opted not to have a cut out in the middle of the bulkhead as the side is my side of the bed and I used to get a draft around my bum.
I am using the old ply of the seat/bed to get the size of the bed frame right leaving enough space for the new ply and have probably gone overboard with the top piece of the frame (2x2).


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I'm the other way round. I can't work in the garage when the sun is out as it gets so hot in there, it's bliss when the rain falls :)
Selfish aren't I;)


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I'm lucky in the garage space issue. Unfortunately the 42x18 isnt quite big enough.....
Are you spraying or rollering Nick?