Commer Jennings Roadranger 1967

Gladys Crew

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Unfortunately Colin I do, but I will glady pop over to NZ and collect one for you, you don't need to thank me just cover our travel expenses

Gladys Crew

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Well it was worth a try
That's where we got the from, My sister lives in NZ, she ordered them for me and my brother was visiting her so he brought them back with him


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Update - HRDE the Jennings Roadranger Campervan was sold. It has gone to a family who are looking to have a "brave restoration" carried out for their use in the future. Nice chatting on the Forum I wish you all well with your restorations and enjoyable travels. keep safe.


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Glad to hear she's gone to a good home and thank you for think of us. Hopefully the new owners will pop along and say hello :)