4 branch exhaust and Su carb kits

Okay so I reckon Panky should be on a commission from Martin. Reckon then I'll have me a whole kit. Do I get discount for being in the Caravan and Motorhome Club? Lol
I was wondering what the mini and moggy subliminal messages were about hiding in your pictures. So that’s why I was looking for moggy vans for sale before i ended up with suzuki carry lol:)
Shiny new carb and manifold have just arrived, thanks Martin (don’t forget Panky’s cut lol). Is it a simple swap? My neighbour is a retired MoD mechanic, old school so could do the mixtures etc All depends if I do it or give it to an adult to do??

martin maltas

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The hard bit is done, you can leave the exhaust manifold in place, although you will be replacing the gasket. Mixture should only be a bit of minor adjustment. You might have to do a bit of adjustment on the flanges as the two manifolds weren’t made together.
A slightly simpler job I’m going to attempt this weekend is splitting the fuzes up. I can work out the light amps fuse ratings but what about cig lighter, horn, heater, w/screen etc F2A75AE1-07D8-42A1-85C2-C946A7B331A8.jpeg small will be live, other ‘ignition live


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When I installed the new fuse box I ran a new live to it from the live side of the starter solenoid. I only used the new fuses for anything extra and left the old fuse box in place to protect what is was originally intended to do. I didn't want to overload the original wiring so installed new for the auxiliary circuits.
Ahh cool. Thanks. To be honest apart from some spot lamps with a relay it’s all factory fitted was just thinking of splitting it up a bit so if a fuse went it won’t drag the rest down. Not planning on filling it up with technology. I suppose it’s been like it for 46 years....
Interesting... I'm undecided what direction to go for finding a little extra power for my Commer. Can anyone give me some info on what performance advantage I'd expect to see from fitting these to an other wise standard engine. No doubt top speed wont improve as thats a gearing issue really but as for uphill performance how do these benefit over the downdraft Weber? And as for fuel efficiency how much of an improvement are we talking?

What size is the downpipe off the 4 branch manifold? Does it bolt up to a standard exhaust?



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Fitting an Su carb and manifolds has made mine happier. I have a little route I do when testing after being parked up over winter etc. It was the first time he didn’t loose any speed and actually accelerated up one of the little hills lol. Next job will be fitting Martins full exhaust as mine has a a nasty rust crack in collector box.