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    Evaluation of a Commer

    and if you needed something more official looking I can put something on "headed paper" as we have done some insurance valuations, I am sure Martin may do the same too
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    Visiting the vans original owner!

    I'm sure a lot of owners would love to see these old pics of their vans! brilliant!
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    Full beam issue

    Try and have them test the brakes in the yard with a guage, it will likely never pass on the ramps (at least that is what I was told by my classic friendly centre)
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    Tesla Commer

    As soon as your bladder lasts 500 miles.....
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    Tesla Commer

    Been watching Quest? these guys have a show - I thought the same, lots of room for underslung batteries! Could start collecting cells now :) I'm waiting on Cybertruck to replace my model 3 and the Cali
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    Overdrive gearbox for Pootle?

    pre forum I won a rootes engine rstored for an article in Practical Classics - was gutted when we tried to fit it about the same tilt issue; feel like the knowledge here would have saved me selling it on but c'est le vie
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    The Snail

    very smart
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    Meet Ted

    not missing the Focus in returement then? :) great fun!
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    Hope everyone is healthy

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    SOLD 1967 Commer PB

    What a beaut!
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    X-box... its ALIVE!!!!

    you wanna get on the road while petrol is cheap :)
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    R2 the battle bus

    Niiiice and 11 years ago today in my photo memories
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    Commerfest 2020

    Darn it - the wedding I was going to just got cancelled so I coul dhave made it hah
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    New owner of Ruppert

    Thanks Scott - very nice to wake up to a donation email! Warm welcome, you've defintiely got a distinctive and well-known classic in Rupert - I was tempted myself!
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    R2 the battle bus

    Had my car done - corrective polish, then applied with warranty as mentioned - makes cleaning it much faster and little elbow grease required for a "just polised" look