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    Hi all quick ?

    The good guys I have used went with the rear axle option and were careful with the front valance (they claim the vehicles go on more reliably straight when winching on from rear)
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    You should see @thommo screen saver
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    1963 Blubird

    What a cool bunch!
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    Overdrive for Commer PB 1970

    Is @commeracer still doing Lexus six speed conversions/kits?
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    Jean the Commer Van

    Rare beastie - they look so distinctive though!
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    Happy Birthday to us!

    Sweet 16 today! We'll be allowed to drive next year
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    Highwayman - Hook, Hampshire

    welcome aboard! been a few years since I owned one :)
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    Take a Look and Have a Listen

    I prefer the 'gram to the other channels in which people use words :D as I am mostly scrolling lovely pictures
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    Highwayman - Hook, Hampshire Near me if anyone want a cuppa :rolleyes:
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    Take a Look and Have a Listen

    Instagram (and whatsapp) are owned by Facebook
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    Take a Look and Have a Listen

    Been waiting on this a while; good to see @Panky on some Facebook platforms haha
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    @steve williams and Rich I think? Hoping it goes to a good home :cool:
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    Anyone caught the new Disney film? Nice blue van used frequently
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    Out and About

    yay adventure time! I can navigate most of our common routes by breakdowns, fuel issues, binding brakes and even a fire :rolleyes:
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    1972 Commer PB - another Resto thread

    generally speaking if martin doesn't stock it speed spares do