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    the word game

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    Hillman Imp national

    Anyone coming to our fair town for the Imp national? Would love to be an invited guest as the council tells us it is private and to respect the roped off areas in the park :)
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    Wanderer in Maidstone
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    Commer catering van

    I would recommend having a chat with Commer Coffee she has been running her van for well over a year now and knows the ups and downs, ins and outs of relying on an older vehicle for this.
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    Thank you for considering donating and thank you for highlighting the broken button! This link should work...
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    Out and About

    At less you got free fuel for the trip home
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    eBay familiar face?
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    on the road again

    Great to hear from you thommo - it's 14yrs Wednesday since I met you at the show in Sydney!
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    Another rescued! Amazing feat and no need for a lawnmover any more!
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    Car Camper 4852 SP

    Lovely resto work!
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    Seasons Jollifications

    Not long now! Merry Christmas and thanks for all the support! Keep on truckin'
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    Forum costs

    Thank you
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    Forum costs

    Server has been upgraded now - very zippy
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    Forum costs

    Thank you Panky, it keeps you off FacePlace too!