overheating,no guts, misfire when hot?


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Mine gave an almighty backfire on the weekend and ran rough all the way home with no power. A few weeks ago I tried to keep up with traffic and ended up overheating it and it hasn't been the same since. I'll get stuck into it this week and report back.

Thankfully the Rapier engine is at the engine builders at the moment for a tidy up so I may have to ask him to get a wriggle on. It's my only car at the moment!


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I shouldn't think so as it has a new electronic dizzy and that is bolted down nice and tight. But I'll check that.

I'll try the usual suspects first such as the coil. When the engine overheated it may have got cooked. I have lots of dynamatting on the underside of the deck lid and it traps the heat in pretty well. It had a smell of fuel so perhaps the carb has loosened itself. Not sure. I was too cranky the bother checking it on the weekend. It would barely idle and the oil light came on at idle which it usually only does when too hot.


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As per usual I couldn't replicate the fault on the farm.

So I have a tip run to do this weekend which is a fair few kms away. If it misbehaves it may be a one way trip.

I haven't owned a more unreliable car since the hillman imp.


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Stand down everyone. I swapped the coil and it was much improved.

Another example of me having a carb problem which turns out to be electrical. I really need to rewire the whole thing when the rapier engine goes in.
Hi everyone ;) Long time no speak (Verrrrrry long time)

Usually when it's an electrical problem you can tell, because power loss is sudden off/off, whereas with a fuel issue it's usually more gradual. But I've noticed myself with coil breakdown issues you can get the symptoms as described - have had this twice on my Herald.
Panks me old mucker, where haven't I been? Actually, I've been nowhere and neither has the Commer. I've been making more babies. Meanwhile, the world's slowest resto continues.... at a snails pace.

Hope all's good with you!