Looking for a good pop top Commer camper...

Discussion in 'Vehicles Wanted' started by alfasean, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. OnTheRoadAgain

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    Alfasean you start a debate... I have one in my '61. I like it. Others don't. But fair to say that with my 1500 cc engine, something more was needed. The mods on the grey Maidstone are all sensible (even if they cause debate...)
  2. alfasean

    alfasean Member

    Wouldn't want to start a forum debate ... but don't tell me, the gearbox mod spoils the old skool 'character' of the van :)

    Not averse to sensible mods personally, especially when it comes to usability, practicality and safety. The grey '61 looks a bit like it should be at the lights ready for a 1/4 mile run.... got a bit of a nod to 50's yank hot rod about it. Though perhaps a steady walk is more the go in reality.
  3. alfasean

    alfasean Member

    Thanks for all the replies by the way ... very helpful.
  4. jimberlake

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    The thing with campers is that they are used by people and families as a genuine vehicle not just trailed to a show so they have to be modded to cope with today's conditions (travelling further, heavy traffic, faster speeds and breaking down used to be the norm). Do not think there's anything wrong with modding a campervan.
  5. commerchris

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    Bullet proof unlike your overdrive...designed because overdrives became very expensive..& RARE at least one gone into a rapier too!
  6. commerchris

    commerchris Moderator Staff Member

    Ps. I loved my overdrive in Ran the van...
    I loved my 6 speed in The Colonel too.
  7. alfasean

    alfasean Member

    What's involved in the 6 speed conversion ...and any clue what's the rough cost ?

    (* edit... found the thread and contacted Tim)
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  8. Panky

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    I helped Martin do the six speed conversion on the grey one and I've got to say the Moto Plus is totally solid and original underneath, the best I've seen. All original spot welds can be seen and no rust when I saw it a couple of years ago. A bit tired inside but it's over 50 years old and bares it's age very well.
  9. alfasean

    alfasean Member

    Thanks for the info Panky. Which do you mean by " the grey one " ?

    The Moto does look very nice and I like that it's got the 6 speed sorted and no doubt other bits... I'd be well up for it but the interior layout doesn't work for me so would need too much work on that tip I think. I'd have to fully change it which may be a shame for such an old and unique model.
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  10. Panky

    Panky Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry, the grey one is the Moto Plus.

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