Hi and any Mechanics (Jennings Roadranger)

Discussion in 'Chat' started by SeanHn, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Doug

    Doug Member

    Sean - Shame you're selling but I can understand it if you're not into the mechanics side.

    If you can get it started, you'll probably get a lot more for it. FYI A rotor arm is about £4 and takes ten minutes to fit, and I've just fitted a new starter to mine (£45 exchange for old one) in about half an hour. Any mobile garage would be able to drop by and do that: you may not even have to jack the van up as there's loads of room underneath. Guess that means you need a slender mechanic, haha

    Looks like it's in lovely nick. good luck with however you decide.
  2. colinthefox

    colinthefox Active Member

    Sorry to see you're thinking of selling. Jennings are brilliant vans. But you are absolutely right to sell if you really can't spend the time or money that it needs. Good luck.
  3. SeanHn

    SeanHn New Member

    Thanks very much. I managed to take some photos at the weekend and also potentially get some help getting it running so a rough idea of the value with/ without the work done would be really appreciated. As I said the only area on the outside that I saw some damage was the rear panel/wing below the rest looks sound and there's no signs of leakage on the inside. Looks like the floor inside and all of the underneath and engine has been painted to protect it.

    Got a few more pictures to upload if needed
    IMG_5252.JPG IMG_5264.JPG IMG_5265.JPG IMG_5267.JPG IMG_5270.JPG IMG_5273.JPG IMG_5274.JPG IMG_5278.JPG IMG_5282.JPG
  4. Panky

    Panky Administrator Staff Member

    It does look like it's been looked after, shame about the damage to the rear quarter but if the wooden frame underneath the join is OK then a new piece of aluminium angle section should see it fixed. The areas underneath that usually rot away are the rear corners of the original van floor, along the inner sills, door steps, behind the front valance and door bottoms so if you can post a few pics of those places it would be very helpful. Oh and under the peak above the windscreen.
  5. jimberlake

    jimberlake Well-Known Member

    does look very tidy, even had a brake servo fitted by the looks of it so he cared. if the areas Panky is talking about are good as is I'd say £2500k if photographed well and with a good story? values between runners, MOT and with what people think of as 'scary damage' vary greatly - running, MOT'd, corner fixed and polished probably more like £4-6k? front doors, sprayed at bottom then £7+ maybe.

    I would try get it running at least - should be simple job

    That's my rough thoughts Sean but peole will know better than me on coach builds
  6. jimberlake

    jimberlake Well-Known Member

    Shame I'm not nearer as would get it going for you for free - I've got a starter, electronic distributor - fuel lines probably just need blowing through really to get it running for a bit
  7. SeanHn

    SeanHn New Member

    That's great guys thanks very much for the advice. I'm hopefully getting some help to get it running by someone who knows a bit about them. I didn't take any photos of around the doors or under the peak but remember it looking okay.

    Will report back with any updates and how I'm getting on. Thanks again
  8. andrew

    andrew Well-Known Member

    Certainly looks like it's got potential

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