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    Channel Swim

    Well done, that's sine achievement.
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    Bukaroo anyone?

    Have a good trip Jim.
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    Looking good Henry.
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    the word game

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    Hi everyone.

    Still like the mushrooms Jim;)
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    Hi everyone.

    Wondered why it's so quiet:)
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    the word game

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    Introduce myself and the van.

    Great van, looks like your going to have some fun. Nice to hear you got the beers out.
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    Hi everyone.

    Just wondered how you all are as it's been a while since I've visited. I'm getting ready for my first outing if the year, I'm off to Devon. Hope everyone is well and looking forward to spring.
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    Smashed drivers side mirror.

    Glad you got it sorted.
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    Commer Pb 1970 Autosleeper for sale - 'Wilma'

    What a superb van, obviously been well looked after. Just wish I was in a position to buy Wilma!
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    the word game

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    MOT Today....

    Well done
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    the word game

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    1978 spacevan

    Welcome John