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    Commer Jennings Roadranger 1967

    A little bit of t cut and a bit of elbow grease it will be as good as new, have you notice the back door handle John
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    Back of the garage

    :oops::rolleyes:o_O sorry miss read will have to go back to school :D:D
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    Back of the garage

    So Mr P why as the accelerator cable fried, this normally happens when you lose the earth to the engine:oops:
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    Visiting the vans original owner!

    Wow what a great story and pictures well done.
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    X-box... its ALIVE!!!!

    May be this weekend if Paul pulls his finger outo_O
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    Hello from Western Canada!

    Nice project, will keep you busy for a few weeks, I have plenty of pictures of when I did Gladys's roof if you need them. Good luck
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    R2 the battle bus

    Wow excellent work I love it :)
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    Tesla Commer

    My dream to, I thought I might take out the engine & gearbox fit a starter motor to each wheel so then will have a 4 wheel drive electric Commer:p Gladys might not go as fast as she does now but would be good for the environmento_Oo_Oo_O Then I woke up :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Meet Ted

    What can I say John, Ted looked so good when you first got him, but at least when he his back on the road it will be as safe as houses, Keep up the good work you will get there in the end,
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    Hope everyone is healthy

    It might last Heidi Friday nighto_O :)
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    My New Baby!!!

    Great job Nick :)
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    SOLD A drive away awning for sale

    Now sold, thank you all for your interest.:)
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    Hope everyone is healthy

    No No, Not allowed must keep it as a post bus :mad:
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    SOLD A drive away awning for sale

    Yes Panky could not find my tape measure, Heidi's been tiding up again
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    SOLD A drive away awning for sale

    Over the years I have acquired 2 drive away awnings so its time I sold the one we never use. I thought I would put it on hear first before ebay. I am looking for £60.00 if anyone is interested The awning can be erected in my garden before you take away if required, Social distancing rules...