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    Meet Ted

    Great Progress Mr P can't wait to see him in the flesh:)
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    Wd40 competition.

    Done, Good Luke Pual
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    X-box... It Moves.. it really moves!!

    10 days and counting to MOT :p
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    Not been here a while... rules have changed.. Boris' too!

    Hope I can help to ease the pain Mr P, covid willing, I will be there Mig welder in hand.:D
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    My New Baby!!!

    Hi Nick, I used Mercedes on my suppersnipe with no problems, and are easy to aqquire and pads are to. just had to fit sleeves over the fixing screws,
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    My New Baby!!!

    I fitted one in Jim under the passenger side foot well and fitted an L shaped deflector, but in gladys its just behind the front grill.
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    It sounds to me that one of the secondary cables or the equaliser are ceasing up.
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    MOT Time Again

    I am sure you have Paul, She is a 1964 Superminx, we have had her for going on 17 years now, We have been to the south of France, Jersey and all corners of the UK in her towing the caravan she is all as good as gold and never let us down.
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    MOT Time Again

    Belinda Paul how can you forget Belinda
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    MOT Time Again

    Been very busy today We took Gladys, Jim, Belinda and a MG Midget for there MOT. They are all exempt, but just for peace of mind, abd they all passed No Advisories :D
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    Disc brakes for Rosie

    On my Supersnipe I fitted a pair of Mercedes 230 calipiers from a 1984 model which I had broken up many years ago. I kept most bits in one of my piles labled "will come in handy one day" and they did. Everything lined up perfect but I had to fit collars on the fixing bolts as the holes on the...
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    Meet Ted

    Excellent work my friend Just one problem Bud Light ! I think it's not drinking enough Fosters is where the indigestion is coming from ;) I wish this pendemic was over and I could take you under my wing on the Fosters side :) As far as Ted goes you can teach me a thing or two or maybe three...
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    Lockdown 3 project

    Absolutely amazing, Well done Colin. I am going to watch this on the TV via you tube, :)
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    You Little Beauty

    I would love it But ?????????? :)o_Oo_O what would I do with it?
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    Moffat 2020

    2021 Moffat Classic Car Rally Cancelled. Dear All Due to the Prolonged Covid -19 Pandemic, the decision has been taken to cancel this year’s Moffat Classic Car Rally. The event was due to take place on 26/27 June. It is with great regret that this decision has had to be taken, especially...