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    Commerfest 2020

    Who's going to wait for me?
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    1963 Blubird

    Spoken to the guys that did the lpg they haven't been told there's a shortage they said they would be told if there was?
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    1963 Blubird

    Off to Sywell for the week end.
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    1963 Blubird

    Confidence back that didn't take long! Switches coming back to me I even started the fridge on gas! For the first time! Windows cleaned
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    Interesting hybrid Bluebird?

    Later than 60s mines 63 has single window should ask aus!
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    Commerfest 2020

    I will arrive when you have all gone home there will be plenty of room!
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    Chrysler Competition Department Dodge

    Brilliant welcome back! Knew you would be!
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    1963 Blubird

    Well she's up n running again... I just need to find my confidence... And remember what switches do what!
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    Love a bargain…

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    Chrysler Competition Department Dodge

    Is that you Mark? Haha!
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    Highwayman - Hook, Hampshire

    Where does time go!
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    White with green stripe.... Passing through?

    White camper green stripe spotted in Royston Herts asked if van or coachbuilt told coachbuilt! Was it you my 7 year old grand daughter spotted it too!
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    Happy Birthday to us!

    Happy Birthday to us!
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    Van going great until I'm driving in towns thru traffic then is losing fuel cutting out?

    Running lean? Or could you have knocked anything in the engine bay?