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Hi Trevor, can you check the seals I sent you, as I have sent someone two left hand ones. Thanks Martin
Hi Martin, Sorry I am only just replying as I have been on holiday in Devon with no laptop or internet on my phone. I will check tomorrow (Tuesday). I did look before I went away but am sure they were correct.
Will let you know for definite A.S.A.P.
Hi Martin. Thank you for your help so far. Hope you are having a restful time after the op. New PB project to replace Commer BF van. If you know anyone who may be interested in the BF please. Regards Ken.
Hi there I just did a google search for PGY955L and it pointed me here. A group of friends from Middlesex Poly hired a camper van with this registration and drove it down to the south of France in 1975 - just checking if it is still alive.
Hey there - yes indeed PEGGY is alive and well. She drives all around London and surrounding areas helping us serve out our delicious Indian Fusion Street Food. Look us up on Instagram - @Indianstreetkitchen.
Hi All. I'm after some rear rubber suspension mushroom thingies don't know what there called does anyone knows where I can get a pair
After 6hrs of wiring yet again dealing with endless earthing problems, I now have working rear lights after cutting it all out back to dash
Success!... Wiring Nightmare over... I have working lights & a horn, I'll wire spotlights in tomoz on the high beam.
Does anyone know of or have a pair of front overiders that are for sale?... That'll fit on my Lilly
Hi Martin. Can you remember our chat regarding bits...
Ie: clock in the back of collapsed van out back with the speaker grill on dash, headlight rims in workshop, 4 door hinge covers, springs & bars for bottom of both doors & 2 rear roof lights on van down the side of workshop. Could you possibly have these ready for the end of the month if you have time. Many Thx Terry Ref:Lilly
Hi All. After stripping back the so called wiring. I've now started the nightmare of rewiring!.. I'm 20hrs in & I Need help with horn