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Hi all,
I found interesting information on this site. Very nice indeed. I found the Workshop Manual for the PB1500 in pdf form. The one who has done this must have had a lot of time. I'm also looking for the Workshop manual in PDF for the Walk Thru. Is there anyone who has this PDF-book. Thanks a lot. Roel


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Hi Roel glad you like it here. We have a member called 'commer walk thru' who calls in from time to time and he may be able to help with information, not sure about an electronic version of the manual though :I

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Hi Roel, Welcome to the forum - really glad you're finding it useful:)

I did have access to a walk-thru manual for a while over last winter but was huge so only offered to do scans on request and sadly had no interest (seems the walk-thrus really are a dying breed[V])

As far as I can guess the manual would have gone with the van when sold at the end of summer season, but if I catch up with old owner I'll see if he still has it. This was friends van....

Do you have a walk-thru yourself? great vans, was really sorry to lose friends one from the area[V]

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p.s. these were only 2 pages scanned for someone with cold start problems on their perkins diesel....

Bessie - four star commerdation


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Hi Roel,Welcome to the mad house :D[}:)]:DGlad you appreciate all of admins hard work.Do you have the normal manual ? (perhaps Admin can tell you how to go about copying to pdf)? If not they do turn up on e bay & at auto jumbles..let us know how you get on [8D]

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Think I have a walk through manual of sorts but as its not in A4 format that I can sling in a hopper and let magic computer elves do the rest its a case of page by page which I haven't had time for just now; maybe after we move
Hello Roel - I'm sure I've spoken to you a few years back?! Was it you I bought the steering wheel off?

Anyway. I've got a workshop manual, but in a an A4 ring binder, not on disc... as you say, it'd be a hell of a job converting it!

Also, I've just bought a pallet full of Walk Thru spares, quite a few of which I won't be needing. Seem to have about 4/5 different sorts of brake shoes, for one, plus loads of filters and bits for the petrol engines.

If you're in need of anything, then give me a shout and I'll have a rummage.


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I can convert it pretty painlessly if you are prepared to lend it to me for a week?

Just fill the hopper with the A4 sheets and out pops a PDF :D

martin maltas

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I have just spotted a parts book on ebay
sorry haven't replied, admin.

would be willing to send it over to you, if you like, tho reckon it could be pretty expensive? It's in a lever arch folder, which is slightly too small for it all - without checking i think it's from the mid 60s, doesn't specifically cover my van (or engine) anyway.

if Roel still needs it, i can send it over and could be kept as a resource for others.
Hello All,
Thanks for all the replies. I do indeed have a Commer Walk Thru, converted to a camper. I have it since 1987 and do the Holidays with it since 1992. We have a huge amount of owners of this type in Holland, combined to the Commer Club Nederland. Take a look at our site. It has not been updated for a while but that will be done in short time. . Abt. the book. I do have the original and at this very moment i'm converting it to PDF. Will take a while but plenty of time, so they think. (retired). I was too late for the parts manual of the Walk Thru, saw it indeed on Ebay, but maybe it will pop up again some time. If somebody has that original I would be glad to buy it, just for the club, of which i'm the secretary.
I keep tracking this site, it looks good and lots of information.
See you later, Roel


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Talbot are you in NZ or Tasmania? just had a request via FB for someone in Tasmania needing the manual I have
Auckland New Zealand . I think Tasmania is on the other island to the left of NZ.
Really need all the info I can get as you can see !!! IMG_20170509_144620.jpg
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That's spectacular:cool:
We're going for a three Commer roast, you haven't got a Cob as well by any chance;)