Wheel bolts (from rear hub)

Discussion in 'Parts Wanted' started by Saul, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Saul

    Saul Active Member


    Absolutely desperate for the below bolts. need a set of 5 to be able to get the van on the road.

    Anybody got a waste axle they could remove them from?

    Let me know how much, thanks.
  2. martin maltas

    martin maltas Moderator Staff Member

    I’m just making some repair kits to fix this problem. Will be ready soon.
  3. Saul

    Saul Active Member

    Hi martin,

    Have you got a timescale for the kits being ready?

    Keen to have the vane roadworthy as quickly as possible so i can get it moves from the old house and in use.

  4. martin maltas

    martin maltas Moderator Staff Member

    I’m hoping to have all the bits together this week.
  5. Saul

    Saul Active Member


    Can you reveal anymore details of what the kit includes?
  6. Saul

    Saul Active Member

    Thanks to Martin I have a repair kit in the post!!!!

    My Commer would have been buried a long time ago without you.
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  7. Panky

    Panky Administrator Staff Member

    He still manages even after three operations in the last three months - two dodgy arms and a gangrenous gall bladder:eek:
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