Wanted brass float 4 a webber carb

Discussion in 'Parts Wanted' started by zena, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. zena

    zena Member

    Wanted please - a brass float 4 a webber carb. Urgent as booked to go on the road next week. Does anyone have one?
  2. Panky

    Panky Administrator Staff Member

    Oh no:eek:
    If it's got a hole in it then a deft dab with a soldering iron could fix it.
  3. martin maltas

    martin maltas Moderator Staff Member

    Possibly, I'll have a look in the morning.
  4. zena

    zena Member

    Good idea Panky but mine was a new carb so has the new rubber type float but it's failed twice now and dad looking 4 good old metal one.
    Martin if you have one, that would be a godsend. You have my number could you please give me a call? Thank you both
  5. Panky

    Panky Administrator Staff Member

    If you get stuck try Burlen Fuel Systems, they do a range of 'Stay Up' floats that are guaranteed not to sink. The do parts for Webbers too.

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