Voltage stabiliser


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Never knew about these on Smiths dials and always wondered what that little box was behind the dash. Fuel gauge went a little bit erratic (only showing half full when full and dropping in odd stages) and the temp always seemed a little low and never climbed regardless of hills, summer etc. Didn’t correlate that the two things likely happened at the same time.
So some Smiths gauges need 10v not 12v, measured the output from the stabiliser and it was around 5-6v, the stabilisers work by constantly switching on and off giving an ‘average’ of 10v’s - the gauges move so slow you don’t see the constant change in power. Swapped it out for an electronic one for £8 off Fleebay and a lovely Steady 10v and all working again after 4 years!
Love a cheap simple fix and learning something new