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Hi All.
Not a happy bunny today....
I've gone out to wash & detail my PB this morning only to find some Brain dead deadbeat of a Douchbag has decided to rip off BOTH my wing mirrors out the doors !
Ive looked about thinking they might have dumped them down the Rd but had no luck.
I'm now on a mission to see if I see them bolted onto another vehicle locally...
There colour coded to match Lilly so won't be to difficult to spot & I'll take great delight on ripping them off whatever there on....


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What do people get from this, some perverted sense of satisfaction on 'mischief night' to laugh about with their mates probably :mad: :mad: :mad:


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Hi Panky.
Think it must be jealously.... Not everyone has Aston Martin Commer ! Lol
Ppl have no respect for other ppl's belongings nowadays....
But I would've loved to have caught them in the act...

Gladys Crew

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It because they are so intelligent and like to do things like this to make there parents and grand parents really proud of them, I wish I was that clever.

Jimmy van

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Unreal, what total scumbags. I'm sure though everyone on this site will be keeping their eyes peeled.


Morons. :mad: hope there's not some sort of Commer targeting crime spree happening as the cover got pinched off mine the other week


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Gutted. I do hope you find them. Have you got a pic of them in case one of us sees them on the web for sale?


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Hi All.
Thx for messages....
There colour coded in Cadburys purple as in my media pic's, I wont hold my breath on seeing them again & I'll have to order new ones from Martin & 2 new mirror mounts for my doors... bit pissed about that as I had them polished after I bought them off Martin in the 1st place....