UVA Fugitive Sandrail - my other project


As well as the broken Dodge Spacevan I own this broken kit car. Off the road for many years after it damaged the custom flywheel whilst at Le Mans.

Since then it's been moved from Fiat 2lt Twin Cam power to Alfa 1.7 8v power. New engine adaptor and other changes including a complete rewire.

The used engine that came with the adaptor never ran properly though and only made a few short trips to the MOT centre so I've gone for replacing it with a rebuilt unit. Hoping this may be the year both this and the Commer go mobile again.


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Funnily enough, there's one just like this on YouTube:-

Mine's the Yellow and White one in that back when it was Fiat powered. The lighter all yellow one is VW powered and the darker all yellow one has a rather nice Rover V8!