upholstery service offered

hi guys,

I am setting up an upholstery business at the moment, which i am currently doing at evenings and weekends. I cover seats, beds and door cards. I hope to run this as a full time business soon.

A deposit is needed to cover the initial cost of the materials. There is a link here if you would like to see the work I have already done.


cheers ade


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Hey ade

Where are you based and do you have any idea what a bench seat 2 door cards and the dash on a commer would cost in a tuck and roll style?
Ade, that is some sweet and neat work fella;) hope you get some buisness from here soon. A fair few peeeps are at a meet in Wales this weekend so i would think you will get more traffic when everybody is back at home and at the pc;)

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hi guys

Here are some pictures of some recent work i have done.I run the buisness at nights and weekends as i have a full time job during the day.



cheers ade
hi guys , sorry for the short introduction , my 15 y/o son ( whose a total petrol head aswell )has been doing a lot of web browsing and adding me to the sites , so i thought id put up a little about myself , the names adrian , ade to all that know me , 39 almost 40 , been into hot rods , kustoms and street machines and custom vans of all types since i was about 9. learnt through family members to tig , mig , gas and arc weld , shape steel with body hammers , engine, gearbox and axles rebuild and recently ( around 5 years ago )learnt by chance that i could actually upholster , so i worked out that i could give something back to the car mad world by doing the upholstery , everybody likes to have a go at welding and modifying with tools readily available from halfords and machine mart , but upholstery takes a big investment ( near on a grand ) to set up and a lot of cost if you get it wrong. i own a 1996 vw t4 lwb 2.4 van , a 5 ltr v8 bedford cf1 custom van in the making and have had around four other classics over the years . i started offering my sevices for upholstery on the vw t4 forum at a reduced labour costs for members , that took off like wildfire , so i thought id like to offer that to other van nuts also. i work full time as a refrigeration engineer by day and of evenings and weekends i do the upholstery. i hope this gives you guys an insight into who i am and that im not just some spammer looking to make a quick buck. thanks for reading. cheers ade :hangloose:


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Originally posted by superstitch

hi mate my phone number is 07917896176. if you give me a call i will be able to help you. cheers ade

Give him a call?:D

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hi guys , we have now moved into a 600 sq foot unit and set the machines up to also do soft furnishings like screen covers and curtains and cushions etc aswell as the seats. we are by junction 9 m42 .cheers ade


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Hi Ade I have just had a look at your site and I am getting a message which says "This website is suspicious. Leave now unless you know this site is safe." It would appear to be coming from a firm called Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. It is not something that I have on my PC so I would have a check on yours or get the young petrol head to check it out.quote:
Originally posted by superstitch

Hi guys here is the web adress to my website for the upholstery service.


Cheers Ade



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I've just had another look and that message is still there. Can someone let me know if it is just me getting the message or are others seeing it as well.