ToRich mixture ajustment


Hi all again still having hot start problems , my ,? Is were is the adjusting screw for a to rich mixture , and how many turns and which way to turn it , sorry if I am slow at my replys I am not technology savvy. I am also a lazy f r any help really appreciated


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Sorry I’ve not got a clue about that. Could it be fuel evaporating as that seems to be a cause for that problem. I’m sure someone will be along soon to give you some real advice.


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The screw with the spring under it alters the idle mixture. Turning it out (anti-clockwise) will richen it up and vice versa. Only alter it a quarter turn at a time until it runs as it should.
But before you start altering it check a few other things. Do you have a petrol filter in the engine bay? If yes and it's anywhere near the exhaust then move it over to the other side of the engine as low down as you can get it. The fuel line from the pump to the carb originally passed over the top of the engine and is notorious for vapour locking when hot, try running it in front of the radiator in cooler air to prevent this. Check the air filter clean and not clogged? Make sure there are no inlet manifold leaks that may be causing a weak mixture. Have you done any alterations anywhere that could cause the problem?
Hopefully some of these things will sort you out. A tip if you are having serious issues getting started id to pore cold water over the carb to stop the fuel evaporating.


Thank u ,as far as I know the engine is standard and has,not had any modifications , I moved the coil away from the engine ,yes it has a pipe coming over the engine from the glass fuel filter , I will have to get a longer pipe and move it around the front of the rad , I will try ur suggestions and see how it goes before adjusting anything , once again really appreciate the help, cheers