T reg spacevan camper needs a popup roof

So I recently bought a spacevan on a T plate, when it left Stafford it's had a fibreglass roof when it arrived in Kent the entire roof is missing and the front pop up panel , so I need .source for old camper parts in particular the fibreglass roof and probably loads of other bits. Any suggestions as to someone having one of these being broken ? Thanks Adam


Incompetent driver Anderson's recovery Birmingham, first said it can't have been on it , when I showed him the picture from Stafford on his truck with the roof , he said I don't know then, so it has come of on the motorway somewhere from Stafford to Kent anybody sees it I could use a template at least.
I can help with those.
well martin i was about to email you directly but it seems you are really on the ball, so yes they have lost the fibreglass top and the front pop up panel, i wont get anywhere with the transport company and it would be an uphill battle for nothing so best swallow it, so i have bought a T reg spacevan which is sort of derelict .
i am a self employed mechanic with a variety of skills which will be tested on this vehicle, i think the seat box over the engine is missing and possible the front seats. but lets start with the lid i have screwed a piece of ply over the hole for the time being . what kind of money are we looking at i dont even mind if its a damaged one and i can repair it thanks in advance


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My work mate very nearly bought this van. We had a trailer all set to bring the engine and gearbox back and a company to recover it but..... The seller said it was a complete van but its missing seats etc etc so he left it


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Once you know the cost of replacing it you should send them a bill. If they don't cough up take it to the small claims court.


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Did it get folded down before they set off with it? If so check for signs of damage where its been pulled off... No signs, check ebay
well its gone now and yes there are bits missing but everything can be replaced or repaired . martin has one with my name on it just need to have a looksie through it and see what else is missing , like the prop shaft and yes the seat box is gone but i was thinking of modding that completely anyway. its ripped clean of and took the front pop up panel i have a 8 by 4 sheet of plywood on it for now while i do a rebuild on the engine