Steering gear BF.

Hello, I am looking for a RHD BF Commer forward control,1960, a steering gear.
Is there a member how knows one?
Or a scrapyard where a old BF is.
Please let me know.
Many thanks, Albert. (Merry Xmas and Happy New Year for all members of this Forum)

The photo is a LHD.



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Hi Albert Commer and welcome to the madhouse:)
What a wonderful, rare, beautiful camper you have. I don't know of ant BF spares around but hopefully someone will - Steve Williams maybe?
Hello Steve,
That is: 98A2978.
My license nr is from 1960 but the BF is ( I think ) from 1959. The white one has chasisnr. 98A4098 and his license nr. is from 1959.
Best regards, Albert.
Hi Steve,
I know Hugh a long time. I meet him several times at Beaulieu. He had a BF but sell to a Sunbeam mann. He sold it again, I thought to Belgian. Hugh knows a longtime ago a RHD BF somewhere in a field. He tried to safe the steering gear for me. But the BF was so bad and it was not possible to take out the gear. Now I try to keep in touch with the scrapyard in Rushgreen. They have a lot Commers but I don't know if they have a BF. Best regards from Albert.