SOLD A drive away awning for sale

Gladys Crew

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Over the years I have acquired 2 drive away awnings so its time I sold the one we never use.

I thought I would put it on hear first before ebay.1 (1).jpg1 (2).jpg1 (3).jpg1 (5).jpg1 (6).jpg2 (1).jpg2 (2).jpg2 (4).jpg

I am looking for £60.00 if anyone is interested

The awning can be erected in my garden before you take away if required,

Social distancing rules must apply at all times.


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A man and his.. er.. awning :) :p

Good luck with the sale, Bernie. I'm convinced a fellow Commerade will take it off your hands :)

Had it had a half metre longer legs and equally longer canvas, I could be seriusly tempted. But its just too small for the Highwayman. Colin and Helen must be the only one with a proper, tall and period awning which is meant for use on the taller coachbuilt campers. I wish there were more around.