size isn't everything

Hi chaps ,anyone know the size of the crank pulley nut with start handle dog. I 'm having trouble turning mine I can't really see much down there .I'm trying to adjust my rocker gaps.


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Not sure of the size but if you remove the spark plugs it’ll make it much easier, I tend to leave the plugs in a blip the starter motor till it’s on the correct rocker


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I cant remember the size but it's difficult to get anything on the crank nut from inside the van. As Jim says plugs out and blip the starter, you may even be able to turn it over by hand with the fan belt with the plugs out.


I've been using a 35mm socket - It's rather loose but will turn it without slipping. So probably an Imperial size smaller than that.

Looking to measure and make an angled spanner of some sort as I have very little skin left now!