s.u inlet manifold

Tim made me a manifold for quad mikunis (about 4 years ago...) but haven't got around to fitting it yet. I've got a similar set up on sunbeam alpine which work really well, smoother idle and better fuel consumption than the twin webbers that were on there before.

Hopefully my van will get mot'd in the next couple of weeks then I can start meddling again...
Please let me know how you go on as I'm fitting a Ali head hunter engine to my van and have the su conversation for my iron head 1725 but need different manifolds so not sure whether to sell my su set up n go to 600 bike carbs or stick with the su ????


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Why not talk to Commeracer he might have the knowledge you are looking for? Any one else comment about su loved aĺl of mine on variouus vehicles.
Cheers for that just waiting to try a gasket off martain to see if his 4 branch fits if not ill give commerracer a shout to see if he can modify the the su manifold ive already got as its one of his thanks
Out of interest time how much for a manifold for my ali head hunter engine to fit my super
Also would you need my manifold and down pipe to modify
Thanks very much
I've spoken to Martin n he's had an operation so not able too make any manifold till the new year
Any chance of anything this year ???
Or ill wait thanks very much