ROOTES Heritage day

Hi All, long time no speaky! Hope you and your Commers are all well. Is anyone thinking of going to the Rootes heritage day on the 21st July. at Gaydon motor museum??
Thinking of camping in Jigley the Saturday night and thought it might be a good chance to meet up with old and new friends. :):cool::cool:
Sorry we won't be there on that day but will be the following month for Rustival 2.
Sorry, haven't been on for a while, just read your post. I have booked to stay Saturday night ready for Sunday. All being well will see you there.
hi trev
rich and myself are going
taking the rootes sign written pa first time out since the nec in 2008 i think
having to go on a trailer tho
also the big brown pa camper with the humber hawk engine
and the hunter shaped vogue
all come and say hello
Yeah, nothing too serious! Hope all is well with Mrs P and yourself!
Jigley and ourselves are off too retrace steps in the New Forest in a couple of weeks, can't believe how long ago it was since you kindly drove me to salisbury to get an alternator!! 2008 or 9??
We're good thanks Trev. Yep it was October or November 2008, the New Forest meet was before I got Harvey on the road so I was in the Mini with my little tent. Nearly 200 miles without a heater, it was a bit nippy :oops: Great times though:cool: