Rear interior door handle

Need a rear interior door handle for my Autosleeper. I have the whole T handle bit with the rod through the door but on one side the interior handle is missing.
There was only ever one handle fitted to the rear doors on the near side so both doors open at the same time. I fitted a small bracket to the other door that a member on here have me, it's off a vending machine but it would be a simple job to make one out of a bent piece of flat bar.

It has a square hole that just happens to match the drive on the lock spindle and I pushed a piece of rubber hose over the end for a confy grip


I put a handle from a lever ball valve. The wooden bit is the lock. It has a slot in it that the handle slides into so it can’t be opened from the outside. I can’t add the photo because the reception is terrible
Ok thanks. My main concern was I thought I was locking myself in the van if I closed that door. Good to know I can still get out.