Rear axle and rear shocks

from my 1966 Commer PA. It has a 5.6 diff.

I’ve done over 10k miles on this axle and it doesn’t whine. There is a very slight leak from one of the hub seals (a few drips over the course of a year). An easy fix.

I’ve only taken off because I wanted to change ratios and had a spare axle.

It has the mounting points for a handbrake cable but would equally fit a PB or space van.

The brakes and drums have been removed.

The rear leaver arm shockers are included. D32BD234-07F0-448E-88C9-FB836CAF4CDA.jpeg E0FECB94-85E2-4BBF-AA21-E067A43DF6F2.jpeg


Collection from near Basingstoke


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Hi, i desperately need a set of 5 bolts from out of the hub as mine are worn and the wheel nuts come loose.
Is there any chance i can pay you well to get 5 from you?
Sorry Saul only spotted this at the weekend. I’ve had a go at removing them but they appear to have peened over at the back. The one I did manage to remove crossed the threads as it came out. You might be better searching for some 1/2unf studs. Sorry.

Axle now broken for spares and no longer for sale.
I do but I’ve sent if off to be rebuilt as a 4.77 with a plan to keep it as a spare. Sorry. The 5.6 cwp will be going spare eventually though I don’t know what condition it’ll be in.