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If you have photos of your van on your computer,and you want to put them on the forum,try this:-

First,you need to get your pictures on the web.
Go to or and open up an account with them,it will cost you nothing except for a little time.

You will be asked to upload your pictures to the site. Follow the instructions, once you have chosen which ones to use.

What you need to do once your pictures are on the site is:- Keep your pictures open,and minimize the or window to your menu bar at bottom of your screen,and then open up the site.

Open a New Topic like you did to write your opening letter,and put in your text.

When you get to the point where you want to add a photo,you open the site,then RIGHT CLICK on the photo you want to add,and select PROPERTIES from the menu.
From the pop-up, copy the adress (url) by selecting the text, right-click copy. Close off the properties.

Now minimize the site again.
Now all you do is hit the
button where you want to place the picture, and select PASTE the URL between the tags that appear.

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Forget Photobucket unless you want to pay £300 a month to post pictures.
Instead open an Imgur account, it's free, fast and easy to use.
Once you've uploaded your pics to Imgur click on the pic you want to post then copy the next to bottom link that is shown on the right hand side of the window (BBCode Message boards and Forums) and paste it into your reply. Very simple and easy.

Thanks for this but I tried it. Photo appeared for about five min's then went again. Said image had been removed. Had to remove my post. Must be an easier way.


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where was the image uploaded? it is not the fault of the forum but the image host when you get messages like the :(


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Even easier than in the first post above is to simply click on the 4th image tag for the photo (this will copy that tag) then right click and paste straight into a post on here. Submit the post and the image will appear in it. Simples!

Just make sure the image is exactly where you want it in photobucket before you copy the tag as if you re-arrange your album later the iamge will disappear from the post on here.

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I was using photobucket. I know it's not the forum because other photos on other posts had same message. I Tried again using ImageShack and they seem to have worked this time. I'll start an album. Thanks for the help though.