New Toy.


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I've wanted one of these for years. Found this one local on ebay for £50. Most are over 3x that price in the same condition. I think it's a 1950-60ish model although I need to look up the serial number.
Its had a motor change from 3phase to single and is now running at a motor speed of 1450 instead of 1000 rpm.
The auto raise and lower hydraulics are missing so I need to knock up something to reduce the weight on the blade and help me lift the arm.
It's a heavy bugger, all cast iron. Took 3 of us, a trolley jack and some hefty timber to get it out of the trailer! It weighs between 350-400kg!
The plan is to give it a light resto, recommission the coolant pump and sort out the missing hydraulics.


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Quick vid of it running.... too fast because of the increased motor spindle speed. The 2 speed pulleys help slightly


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There's some power behind that, good holding down bolts required. Maybe even flexible mounts to stop it tearing itself out of the floor :eek: