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Hi all - recently became the new custodian of Connie a 1976 camper conversion. Absolutely delighted with her and keen to learn more and also get out and use her as intended. I am a keen long distance hiker and looking to utilise the Commer as a base camp on my adventures. Tomorrow night I plan my forst


I am keen to learn more and so far I think she may be a Caravans International Motorhome conversion but happy to be corrected / advised what she is. Would also be interested if anyone had info on how many of this style were built and how many remain.

F756A3D2-0264-40F2-B358-783FC36BE163.jpegI also own a 1988 Jaguar XJS 3.6 auto which is currently away for a partial restoration.



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That's a couple of crackin' motors you've got there. I was tempted by a CI coachbuilt on eBay 8 years ago, but it was the week we were moving house, and I really couldn't, could I?


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Hi and welcome :)
That looks like a seriously nice van with a few tasteful embellishments, very nice. It is indeed a CI Motorhome but can't tell you how many are still around, there's a few still out there though. A lovely place to return to at the end of your hikes:cool:


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Thanks all - first night camping done and with 120 miles at an easy pace all is running well.

Thanks for the confirmation of the model variant


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Nice Commer. Had to sell mine a few years back but still look in here and meet up with the Commer Fans whenever I can. They're a great bunch..........if a little weird.