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Mine was empty when I did it. Painted floor and sealed up all the old screw holes etc. I then put some 4mm rigid foam with foil top down (got it from b&q). Then put 9mm ply down which I had painted and now makes a slight sticking noise which is annoying so probably shouldn’t have painted the underside. I put vinyl floor down which gets ridiculously hot in the sun so will have to put a rug down. Every day’s a school day

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it had a telly?!?

Beautiful Commer. Thanks for the updates and photos - please keep them coming!

it has a little 1970s portable under the seat which has been with the van since new. No idea if it came with van or was just bought at same time as the van but the brochure for it is in with all the van brochures! Need to see if it works


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The only dumb question is the one you don't ask :)
Is the rear floor already lined or is it bare metal? If it already has a decent flat surface then any decent domestic or automotive carpet will do. If it still has the metal van floor showing then put down some 12mm ply as a base before you start.
The main areas for sound insulation will be around the cab and as Soupdragon has said make sure all the holes in the engine bay and floor are sealed up (you'd be surprised how many old bolt and grommet holes there will be) and make sure the door and engine lid seals are in good order. I lined the wheel arches with closed 10mm self adhesive cell foam then made some vinyl covers to go on top and it makes a big difference. I wouldn't stick anything onto the bare metal cab floor but the closed cell foam stuck to the back of the floor carpet would help.

not perfect but tidies it up




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Servo kit and new Wilwood master cylinder ordered and going in next week so hopefully I can drive her. Thanks all. Cooling System will also be flushed through and maybe a new radiator. I have a feeling this is where all my money will be going for the next few months/years I have taken a few pics of the interior which is all very original. I even have all the original manuals and the original telly and cool box. I just need to find out what works and slowly make everything nice while keeping it as original as possible. The roof is so weird-has a built in storage/roof rack box thing. Surely a rust disaster waiting to the master cylinder a straightish swap? Any idea which willwood you went with?

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Sorry no idea which one as I didn’t do it. I think others on here have done the same so someone may be able to help. My van has been stuck in Scotland due to lockdown. Hoping to get her here and get started in a week. Fingers crossed