Moffat 2020


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Unfortunately, but understandably, the show has been cancelled. Just received a letter from Gordon Bisset explaining the situation.
Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Gladys Crew

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Moffat.jpg 2021 Moffat Classic Car Rally Cancelled.​

Dear All

Due to the Prolonged Covid -19 Pandemic, the decision has been taken to cancel this year’s Moffat Classic Car Rally. The event was due to take place on 26/27 June. It is with great regret that this decision has had to be taken, especially after the cancellation of last year’s event which was for similar reasons. The cancellation was unavoidable due to all the restrictions put in place by the appropriate Authorities for outdoor events this year.

With entrants and spectators usually attending from all over the UK, Northern Ireland and Shetland, one of our biggest concerns was, that if any new travel restrictions had to be imposed before the event it would have caused serious problems – as an example, there have been a few travel restrictions put in place at short notice over the past 11 months which we have all experienced. Any cancellations would have an effect on our finances, as the detailed plans and expenditure for the Rally starts In February. Last year’s event was cancelled near the end of March resulting in a financial loss on an event that never took place. Many entrants also felt the effect of the cancellation as in some cases accommodation etc. had been paid for in advance.

Thank you all for your support and understanding.


Gordon Bisset
Event Organiser