Moffat 2019


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Never done Moffat but would like to at some point. Is is a case of park up anywhere or do they herd you into certain areas?


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If you're not booked in with a club then you're put in a field next to the autojumble


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Was thinking of turning up in a Rootesmobile for the day. Is there a car park for classics and another for moderns?


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I am about halfway if you want to stop off here for the night Trevor.
Thanks Martin, We are planning to leave Colchester on 25th and stopping over at Sue's Sisters, near Derby, Then making our way up to the lake district for a couple of days before going on to Moffat. We are having a couple of days in bonnie Scotland before heading back so will probably have a night at yours then, if that would be ok, which will be the Wednesday after Moffat. as we have to be home again by Thursday night.