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Thanks Jim, Harvey's next. He's looking a little shabby and I've got a stack of new panels for him:)
V8 Hmmmmmmm:cool: But no
:) I’m on the hunt for a new project to fill the Commer gaps - thinking Lotus as always hankered for one, should keep
Me very busy!


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Big milestone - he's almost in one piece:)




I've since trimmed this bracket down as it ventured over the window channel





Also fitted new seals that go between the sliding glass, I thought this was going to be a pig of a job but in reality it took about 15 minutes to do both sides.

A smear of red rubber grease made pushing the chrome handle and seal back on easy.



I'll trim the seal back when I fit the new runners

Lower panel painted, bumper and lights fitted


It's surprising the difference new bulbs and clean lenses make, the lights are super bright. I also covered the bulb holder faces with aluminium glazing tape to act as a reflector.


Next will be the roof. I found the ends of the roof ribs had started de-laminating a bit so they are currently glued and clamped. The roof lining isn't brilliant, I'm going to try it in the washing machine tomorrow (no washing on a Friday) and see how it turns out.


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The roof is on and nailed in position.

Bit by bit the jobs are getting knocked off the list

Gutter and roof painted. Fitting the gutter was interesting, proper old school coach-building stuff - of which I'm not very good as it's a bit wobbly:rolleyes:



With the masking off


Made a start on the interior woodwork
After a good sanding and coat of Sikkens


I'll be fitting the window runners and glass next but it will have to wait for a couple of days as I need to get the Mini in there as well to make room for the tree surgeons who will need the drive for their wood chipper.

Neil T

Really looking good now !, I’ve always fancied a traveler but only ever had the van’s problem with the van’s they have small doors compared with the traveler’s larger ones. Looking forward to spraying my dodge hopefully in the summer but then again I’m dredging it , so might have a few procedure questions !!.


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Happy to help but the pictures really do flatter my body work skills;) Hopefully when I get round to doing Harvey (again) I might be less impatient to get as much paint on as possible.


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After being busy averting disasters on Harvey I managed to get the sliding glass in so that's another thing checked off the list:)
Power jetting the carpets next;)
When I did the carpets on my R17, I first soaked them and sprinkled on some biological washing powder, agitated it with a brush, left it a few minutes, agitated it again, then pressure washed it. Changed it from grubby and oily to looking almost like new (see vive le rust porn). I doubt yours are anything like as bad to start with.


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Probably not. They are Newton Commercial ones the previous (knobhead) owner fitted. Pity he didn't spend the money on decent repairs

commer walk thru

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Looking great - a tightish space to work in, but great you're under cover! Thanks for the link to the guttering supplier btw - was going to reply on instagram, but can't work out how to go back in to do this!


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Took Chris' advise on the washing powder and.................

Ted's carpets had suffered almost as much as the rest of him. Rust stained, faded and filthy after a few years up in the garage rafters

After a quick Hoovering




Out came a big bucket of hot water, a scrubbing brush and a couple of scoops of washing powder. After they had the life scrubbed out of them and a good jet washing later.........................

No that's not a pair of extra long leg jeans ;)




Quite chuffed how they turned out :D