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When converted Dora to LPG I got a lot of help from a garrage in Warrington (but he moved and I lost his details):(

But I was driving in Widnes (Panky home town)and i spotted a sign for cheep auto gas 45p a ltre (56p else ware) so I had to investigate(me being a cheepskate).
Pulled on the pump and out came Andy (the person who done the final setup and certification on Dora.
Got talking and told him a lot of people ask about LPG on classic cars
he said he would be happy to help with parts and advice.
his company is Autogas tell 0151 4249999 and ask for Andy
hope it helps as I found him a nice person and not trying to prize your money out of your wallet like some garages.


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I can also vouch for Autogas (although I have dealt with them for different reasons)


RatSport www.ratsport.co.uk


Does any body know a rough price to have a commer coverted to gas. mine is running a webber carb if that makes a difference.


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You really have to do the maths to see if it is worthwhile folks; I for one don't do a huge amount of miles every year and the payback would be many many years


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Originally posted by Navyreg1970

can they convert diesels?

Veggie oil is half the price of diesel, try mixing it?

Peggy can do 78mph!
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