Love a bargain…


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Been to pick up a load of bits today bit of a bargain price really so couldn’t resist. Chap who was building an engine but ended up selling his Mk3 Sceptre so all been sat around for a couple of years. It should let me build a good tweaked engine up off the van rather than leaving the van engineless - less pressure over winter to get it done :). Short block with New liners, std HC pistons, new o/s crank, bearings, followers, cam chains, oil pump, ring gear, full new clutch etc. Also recon head with new guides , valves, springs. Came with shed loads of spares inc 3 full gasket sets, 4 carbs with rebuild kits. Was a twin carb engine so has the cam I want already.
loads of bits I really don’t need so hopefully get something off ebay for them 21DBA69B-3214-4853-8D07-E14B4F20A3DB.jpegF754B23A-1DEE-4645-BC81-E4BC6890F81E.jpeg91E6319D-2E58-4A26-BC60-2C921BB908A5.jpegFC4D11EC-8D59-4867-B0FB-F6EE5FE494CC.jpeg