Long live Tilly bean!


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So, as some of you know we sadly had to sell monkey, she’s gone to a great home. The ge t who took her restores classics to an incredible standard and rents them to the film industry!
On the same day we decided to let monkey go, we found Tilly. Seemed a bit of fate! So after much chatting we purchased ourselves Tilly the highwayman bluebird! Currently with the amazing mr Maltas having a little once over to make her safe!


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That's great news, but sad Monkey has departed the family. Tilly is in very safe hands with Martin so no worries there, what are your plans for the interior?
And don't forget the pics :)


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Very sad, but we faced too many issues personally with her, mart being a big man struggled to stand in monkey, no room for toilet etc, it was a sad and painful decision. But we knew it was the right one when we met the gent that took her. Mums had a highwayman since I was 3, so I’m much more comfortable with the design, layout etc than I was with monkey x



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As mentioned earlier today (on FB - sorry Panky), it is very good having the interior out so that you're able to assess the structure properly. As you will know, these are notorious for leaks. Having all this exposed makes it so much easier getting it all sorted before you put the cabinets, cupboards and whatnot bakc in again. Did you get the interior as part of the purchase, or do you need to rebuild the interior from scratch - or get another one 2nd hand?

Wishing you all the best in restoring it. It looks to be a very sound van to start with :) I'm sure it will be a lovely van when finished.