Lockdown 3 project


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That's what retirement is made for - and lockdowns :cool: :)
Lockdowns.........Yes. I agree, especially cold, wet lockdowns.
Retirement.........No. Retirement was made for swanning around in Campervans.


Jim.........I understand that the Pi is not the ideal option for running things like stepper motors in real time, because it wanders off doing other things like running the monitor etc, making the motors somewhat jittery. I think an Arduino is more suitable for "real time" control. I just used what I had lying around.

Last time the grandkids were here (seems like a lifetime ago), we pulled an old fax machine and a printer apart for the drive bits, and to see how they worked, and the idea was to do this project in stages so each time they visited it would get more complex. That was not to be, but I have kept all the various stages so we can go back over it. As a side benefit, I've learned how to edit video. Every day's a home school day here!