Jennings Resto.

I`m rather happy to be posting this..!! Having had little money and nowhere to work on her it`s finally looking promising that I will be in a position to have work done. The cab needs a lot of work but I`m wondering if their are any parts that are unobtainable/hard to find. Thinking panels/seals/windows.
Any hints or tips will be much appreciated. Thanks, Guy.


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Hello and welcome to the Madhouse -again:D;)
Long time no posty, great to hear from you Guy. All the cab panels you need should be available from Martin and those that aren't he can make. Between both my vans I think I've been through most of them and they are great to work with, same goes for anything underneath. What glassware are you short of? the only bits that I can think of where you might have trouble with are the caravan side of things - Martin again will have the other stuff you might need (except maybe quarter lights)
Good luck and keep us up to date with progress, this has been a long time coming.
Hi Panky, thanks for the positive words. Yes it has been a long time coming but a corner is finally being turned. Going to be April before things get moving but will keep y`all updated. Realistically a 2 year project which of course means 3 years ...LOL !!


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Hi. Good luck with it. If Martin hasn’t got any quarter light seals the chap who made them has a few left on ebay. Be warned if you need them get them soon as he is melting the molds down so no more being made. Ebay ‘commer pb’ quite far down list, Australia
Hello guy.

As you will know, there's a few of on here with Jennings vans. If you need any detail photos or dimensions, (or a Mojo refresh!) we can probably come up with the info you need.
There's a lot of Jennings specific information on my "Jennings Restoration" thread.

Best of luck with the resto.
Thanks all for your positive comments. I`m sure that their will be plenty of head scratching moments so please expect a number of questions ranging from daft at best to the unfathomable..!! I shall also be searching the forum for any Jennings related info starting with your "Jennings Restoration" Colinthefox. :)
I`ve located the seals on ebay thanks SOupdragon, I think I`m a bit out of touch when it comes to current prices..:eek:
So homework to be done and updates to be posted. I`m sure that Panky fella will be keeping a close eye on proceedings..:D
Cheers, Guy.


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Who me:rolleyes:

Sorry I thought you meant the quaterlight glass, I think Martin might have a set of the seals but they come from the same supplier so wont be any cheaper but would be quicker to get. Screen and door seals cost considerably less