Introduce myself and the van.

CDE5C58B-5973-4288-910A-8E1BD82591FE.jpeg 3C69EBD6-2942-4571-A87F-977C8946EA87.jpeg C231859C-B7E4-4EC1-BC42-484D4AEC8D1A.jpeg 0D665B9D-1785-4EDB-840A-F279BE2A9D9C.jpeg 75C18C22-CFA4-4030-A200-A55F9743FFA5.jpeg Hi Commer fans,

I thought I’d introduce myself and my new project van.
I’m Adam and I bought that ‘61 camper in New Zealand that was in the for sale section a couple weeks back. It’s fitted with a 1500 and is in very original condition.
Don’t shoot me but I bought it sight unseen but was realistic about what to expect. My goal is to get this weapon back on the road where it belongs after a long hiatus.
Day 1, I went and picked it up on a trailer. Pretty happy with the condition especially since it hasn’t driven in 15+ years.
Day 2, Compression check and found cylinders 1 & 4 reading 0. Cylinder 2 & 3 healthy. Suspect stuck valves. Removed rocker cover and found exhaust valve 1 & 8 seized completely open = bought a box of beer and finished it.
Day 3, Removed head and ancillarys, no obvious damage bar the stuck valves so looking for a reputable head rebuilder. Very happy with condition of cylinders which will require a hone only and no re-bore.

I am no mechanic but consider myself ok on tools and have found this forum already a tonne of help.
Once I get the engine back up running (standard) at this stage, mods to come later.
Then I will get stuck into the brakes and then a couple of rust spots ready for its roadworthy.
I maybe optimistic at this stage but I hope I can do it justice and hopefully don’t give up.

Anyway I’m sure you’ll get sick of my questions in the near future.


Photos of progress so far.
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Nice van/minibus (noe turned camper) ! :)

Very early example, and looks good. Interesting roof conversion, and particularly the single rear door with the height of it and its position. Very original indeed!

Good luck with your project.


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Hi Adam and welcome to the Madhouse:D That looks like a cracker and I love the rear door conversion, very clever and someone must have spent a long time doing that:cool: The engines are pretty tough and a stuck valve or two shouldn't prove to be a problem in fact Martin Maltas got an engine running with a similar problem after it had been laying idle for thirty years, This was his fruit and veg pick-up that he dragged out of a barn and trailored it to a car show and as usual he got bored so after a couple of hours fettling, and freeing off a stuck valve, he had it purring away - not for long as the fan belt had fossilised so no coolant was cifculating.
Good luck with your van and keep us posted:)