Highwayman bench seat confusion

Hi All.
I'm confused regarding my front bench seat fitted in my Lilly.
Had a conversation with someone on here the other day.... I'm now thinking that it might be a Dorma bench seat modified to fit my Highwayman... Can anyone shed some light on this?...



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It does look a little bit flimsy for a front seat - is the back fixed to the B pillars with shoot bolts? I can see it giving way if it isn't.
:rolleyes: pimpwagon.... bwahahahahaha!!

That upholstery is pretty luscious.

Could we please see some photos that show the back? I'm very intrigued; my Evangeline has single seats.


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20170901_131829.jpg Looks a bit like mine too I will post pics of the one in the pa with the v8 admins old ride....
The above pic is of a rear bench from a dormobile very similar but makes up part of the bed in the back of a dormobile.
Pimpwagon! More like a Lovebus or a Pussywagon...lol So don't come knocking when the van is rocking when I'm on site!
No seriously, I'll post some more pics tonight with the brackets & fixings it's well & truly fixed down.
Bench seat brackets/fixing
1st pic bracket is bolted through wheel arch with st/st bolts with type c wshr behind + nylocs
2nd pic is side bracket which bolts through upright frame with contoured spacer so doesn't crush tubing with nylocs it also drops down into cut out & stops back falling forwards & backwards, it has to be unbolted to gain access to engine ie: remove or it's very tight to engine
3rd pic spring loaded pin locks down bottom frame to bracket "next pic"
4th pic L-bar bracket again bolted through tops of wheel arches this stops any sideway movement on bottom seat frame & locks down at back with spring loaded pins.
Hope this helps anyone