Highway men rear interior lights


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Are there any fuses? The circuit must be connected to the battery somewhere, are there any connections on the battery apart from the two main cables?

Martin Selwood

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Behind where the glove box is in traditional vehicles there is a cluster of joints. That's where they connect the front loom to rear loom. They look like grey tubes and the cables are push-fit into each end, be brave and pull one apart and you'll see how they connect. However, these are the cables for the normal running of the vehicle (rear lights, indicators etc) it may be some bugger has patched off them? Failing that, if there is an in-line fuse it could be anywhere! The other thing to consider is the body is Aluminum and wood, so the earths have to be run down to the body, it could also be an earth lead has broke off. You can check the earth by dragging a bit of scrap cable up to the body of one light to see if it suddenly works.