Hello everyone!


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I knew of the vans location for 5 or so years unfortunately the previous owner had passed away. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. The Vans recent custodian has had a lot of offers but didn't want it to go to the wrong home.

Hopefully I can get it shifted to my workshop next week. Both door bottoms are rotten but structurally the underneath is pretty good. I'm considering going for a swap to a 2.4Tb Peugeot engine and box conversion with hydraulic front shocks. front brakes and the rear axle may also be on the list for "adjustment"
That’s exactly how I got mine. Brilliant!


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Todays update!
I've stripped all the drums and there's lots of good news! the rear shoes and wheel cylinders are all brand new!
The front ones are not as new but have no leaks and look like they've been replaced at some point in the vans recent past.
So basically the drums just need stripping and a quick clean and copper slip before I strip and clean the brake linkage and fit a new master cylinder.
The Hand break cables from the compensator to the drums is ok but the one from the Cab is totally sized
More updates next week !

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Nice one finding the new brake parts fitted, I was lucky to find new front n rear cylinders amongst lots of bits n bobs in the back when I brought mine , good luck with it and keep the updates coming


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More news, the van now drives!

First job was to strip the handbrake cable and unseize it, once I had it moving and regreased I then moved onto the clutch.

I found a clutch slave cylinder on ebay for a bargain price, half and hour with the spanners and an Ezybleed and I had a working clutch.

Next was the patrol tank, I was initially going to remove it to have a look at the condition of the inside. Having seen the inlet pipe was held on by jubilee clips I decided to pop the hose off and have a look inside.

Top tip for you here, if you hold your mobile phone camera over the inlet pipe and turn on the flash you can take a pretty good picture of the inside of the tank without removing it Luckily mine was mint inside, so I reconnected the filler pipe and filled the tank with petrol.

The next job was to bleed the fuel through, rather than churning the engine over for ages I decided to take the pipe off the Carb and connect a facet pump to suck the fuel into the petrol pump. Once the glass bowl was full I cranked the engine a few times until the fuel was at the carb.

Having done that I reconnected the fuel pipe and hay presto the engine now runs continuously.

I then put the can in gear and cranked the engine with the clutch depressed and freed off the plate.

To my surprise the foot brake is operational although I'm going to replace the master cylinder and possibly fit a servo to ease the brake pedal pressure.

Having checked all the basics I filled the Radiator, checked the oil and drove the van a short distance under its own steam.


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Excellent, well done that man :) A steady, methodical approach is always best - so they tell me;)