Have you ever lost anything?

Myself & fellow metal detectorists - nationwide offer a free "recovery service" - if you or your friends have ever lost a metallic item - such as a ring - or even an expensive commer fettling tool - on open ground / in your garden etc and you can narrow it down to a field or two then we will come out free of charge and have a look for you.

so give me a shout and i will put you in touch with your nearest volunteer !

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I think I lost my Saxon burial hoarde somewhere in the home counties area, if you find it, let me know. It's easy to identify, it's got lots of gold in it!



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I used to have some marbles somewhere.......................................

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virginity!! innocence!! naivety!! trendyness!! street cred!! youth!! you know, all the things a metal detector doesnt detect:( do you do needles in haystacks[?] we really shouldnt be hijacking this thread with naff witt:I:)

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I had one of those key rings that lights up and bleeps if you clap your hands or whistle ....lost it, can you help?? somewhere in S.E.9 :)



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Originally posted by thowman

I have lost just about everything I am ever trying to find in my workshop. Can never find things when I want them - can you help?

Get some bloody lights in there!!!!!:D

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If I told you I was a pathological liar, would you believe me?


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I used to do a bit of detecting myself, years and years ago and I wouldn't mind having another go. Can you or your fellow men recommend
a decent detector that takes a lot of the work out of it, work like digging tin lids or bits of tin foil out of the ground. I know that the old threpenny joeys were easy to locate.



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I lost a hubcap on a back lane about a month ago and spent 3hours looking for it. If you have mates in Newton Abbot Devon who fancy a bit off bush whacking?